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Thanks for your interest in knowing and understanding the terms and conditions of myflightsbuddy.com, a flight comparison and booking platform myflightsbuddy owned and operated by myflightsbuddy an online travel agency based in 2128 S Crystal Lake Dr, Orlando, FL 32806, USA. Use of the Site is governed by the following terms and conditions. By using the Site, you agree to these terms and conditions. If you do not agree with any part of these terms and conditions, you must not use the Site.

License to use this website

This site is provided by us solely to assist customers in gathering air travel information, determining the availability of air travel-related goods and services, making legitimate reservations or transacting business with airlines or travel insurance provider(s) or any other hospitality service provider(s). (Collectively, Travel Supplier(s)), and for no other purposes.

Information available on this Site about the products or services of third-party suppliers like airlines, airports, hotels, amusement parks, resorts, travel advisory sites, etc. has been vetted well to make sure they help with your travel planning and reservation. However, myflightsbuddy doesn’t guarantee regarding their accuracy, neither their suitability for you. You agree to indemnify us against loss or damage of any nature that might result because of any error in the information.

Any and all statements, including all disclaimers made in these Terms & Conditions are also made on behalf of our affiliates, and subsidiaries.

General notice

myflightsbuddy does not act as principal. The Company helps you make your flight reservation for your domestic or international travel requirements with an airline(s) or travel supplier(s) of your choice leveraging a Global Distribution System (GDS) and ARC’s (Airlines Reporting Corporation) ticket transaction settlement services. We may recommend you to purchase relevant travel insurance and other related services.

The flight booking amount includes certain fees retained by the airlines for their services, taxes and other charges, besides the base price charged for the flight itself. Amount against travel insurance or any additional travel services is charged separately. The booking amount may also include our own service fee or commission.

When booking with any airline thru this Site, you authorize myflightsbuddy and its affiliate companies to book reservations or enter a contract on your behalf with a chosen airline or travel supplier for the total price displayed, including such fees and any applicable taxes or charges related to the airline's or myflightsbuddy's services.

Safe shopping guarantee

A safe and secure shopping experience is your right. We endeavor to provide it to you. We adopt reasonable and commercially viable measures at organizational, technical and administrative fronts to protect your personal information and provide a safe online shopping experience. Unfortunately, no data transmission or storage system can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. If you have reason to believe that your interaction with us is no longer secure (for example, if you feel that the security of your account has been compromised), please immediately notify our 24/7 customer service at 1-888-827-0107. You may also write us at help@myflightsbuddy.com. It’s our duty to act according to the law of the land to address your concerns at the earliest.

Site usage and ticket purchase

You may search flights, check flight information, and confirm your flight reservation online or seek assistance regarding the same from our customer service expert(s). We will be glad to help you. In the course of your travel reservation, you need to provide us the name and address details of passenger(s) along with a valid proof of identity (photo ID issued by any government authority of the residential territory of the individual traveler) of passengers, and authorize us to charge the payment against a legitimate debit/credit card(s).

myflightsbuddy expects and assumes that you are providing information correct to the best of your knowledge. In no situations, will any type of name changes be accepted by myflightsbuddy or the concerned airlines. We assume that you are using your own credit or debit card. In case, you are not the card holder, you should have authorization from the card holder to use their credit or debit card. If a booking is confirmed, we will debit payment from your card and send you a confirmation invoice. If you notice any error on the booking receipt/ticket you must report it on the same day.

If any fluctuation in ticket fares happens between the collection of card details and actual booking, the real-time fares are applied, and the corresponding amount is debited from the card. An email confirmation is also sent to you from our end regarding the airfare, or taxes, if any.

Lowest fare guarantee

myflightsbuddy promises you a value-for-money trip. We provide the most competitive price on flight bookings in any category and to any destinations. In exceptional cases, if you find a lower rate either on myflightsbuddy, or on another US-based online booking website for the same itinerary within 24 hours of booking, you have the authority to make a cancellation request and ask for a full refund. However, you will need to provide documentation to myflightsbuddy that proves all the elements of the lower rate including the departure and arrival dates, airlines, class and any other material conditions that are the same as the itinerary you booked with us and is available for booking online.

Promotional Coupon/Code

myflightsbuddy may release promo codes to drive customer acquisition and reward the loyal customers. These promo codes come with a limited validity and, are applicable or limited flights. Use your promo code before it gets expired to redeem your flight booking discount. To stay informed about our available promo codes, sign up for our newsletter/blog. Here are the guidelines regarding the usage of the promotional offers.


We accept all popular credit and debit cards issued by all major or minor banks within North America or in any other country. If you think that your card has been overcharged, please contact our travel consultant on the toll free number 1-844-869-5222. Please note airfares are guaranteed once the ticket is issued, and not upon submission of payment. If your payment is not processed for any reason, we will inform you within twenty four hours.

You have the flexibility to make the payment through one or more than one cards. However, opting for multiple card payment comes at an additional 4% fee on the total of the ticket cost. If any given credit or debit card is not accepted by the airline, you will be notified by email or call from one of our representatives.

Credit card verification

To ensure the protection of your billing and other sensitive financial details against any fraudulent activity, we cross-examine the details with the card issuing authority or bank before processing the payment. In case, we are unable to verify the details with financial institutions because of reasons beyond our control, we may ask for a valid copy of driver license or passport along with a copy of credit or debit card from the authorized cardholder. It’s applicable for Visa, Master, Discover, American

Express or any other cards.

Credit Card Decline

myflightsbuddy endeavors to inform you of your credit card payment decline within 72 hours. The credit card declining results in the transaction failure. We do not guarantee stability of the fares or the booking confirmation with the future booking and payment attempts.

Infant policy

An Infant is a traveler who should be under two years of age throughout the travel. If an infant turns two years of age during the travel he/she would not be eligible for infant fare and the airline will consider him or her as a child, and will act accordingly. With one adult, only one infant is allowed on the adult’s lap. If there are two infants with one adult then a second infant ticket will be booked under the applicable child fare.

Unaccompanied minor

Tickets cannot be sold to unaccompanied minors aged 18 or below. Each and every airline has its own policies for children travelling alone. Please confirm with the airline directly for the minor age requirements. Some airlines allow unaccompanied minors to travel on non-stop flights only. Some airlines do not allow minors to travel while not accompanied by an adult.

Passport and visa

If you are heading to a destination abroad, make sure you meet the foreign entry requirements. myflightsbuddy has no information related to foreign entry needs or travel documents. myflightsbuddy takes no responsibility if you are denied entry onto a flight or into a country due to your failure to hold a valid passport, visa, or travel documents. You shall consult the relevant embassy or consulate for this information.

Changes to flight tickets already purchased

myflightsbuddy adopts a flexible policy in the interests of its customers; however, we do have some limitations. We are bound to go by the guidelines of the respective airline in this regard. Hence, we recommend you to take stock of the itinerary services offered by the airline before planning your trip, and provide our employees with the correct information at the time of ticket booking.

The airline might impose a fee for making changes to the purchased ticket(s). You agree to compensate myflightsbuddy for any such applicable charges while initiating any change request which is feasible as per your airline.

Cancel And Exchange

Most of the airfares are 100% non-refundable. However, in certain cases, where airlines have a cancel and exchange policy, myflightsbuddy collaborates with the concerned airlines to help you receive a credit limit towards your future ticket booking with us. The calculation of credit limit is done as per the terms and conditions of the airlines and is beyond our control. The credit limit has a definite validity or timeline and it must be utilized within that period. Prior to cancellation, discuss the same with your customer service official to learn about other applicable cancellation protocols. Exercise your cancellation right, wherever it’s permissible, by calling on our toll-free number before the scheduled departure of your airlines. myflightsbuddy doesn’t guarantee any cancellation. While booking an airline ticket using the credit received against your cancellation, it’s important to note that when the cost of the current ticket is higher than the credit available, then you are required to pay the fare difference along with the applicable airline penalties and applicable myflightsbuddy service fee. However, in case it’s lower than that the rest of the balance is forfeited.

Baggage Policy and Fees

Every airline has its own baggage policy. A few airlines allow passengers to carry a bag or two under their permissible limit (based on particular weight and dimension). The approximate baggage fee range is from $15 up to $200 per checked bag. For your convenience, we have provided here a Baggage Fees page that reads the baggage policy and charges with different airlines and travel types. We endeavor to keep the page updated, however, it’s your responsibility to confirm the terms with your airlines before boarding your flight. Airlines have a definite time frame to accept request for adding additional baggage to a travel. Hence, you should check the details with the airline to avoid any inconvenience. We recommend traveling light to reduce these costs.

Travel Insurance Refund

The cancellation and refund of the travel insurance policy associated with your travel ticket is subject to the terms and conditions of the respective insurance service provider. We don’t have any control over it. However, as your travel agent, we stand by you and provide all sorts of assistance that you may need.

24-Hour Cancellation Policy

You may cancel a booking without penalty, for 24 hours after the reservation is made, if the reservation was made one week or more prior to your flight’s departure date. You receive a full refund of the payment back into the same form of payment which was used originally. This refund reflects in your bank statement in 6 to 10 business days (it may vary depending upon the terms of the card issuer/financial institution).



You may subscribe to myflightsbuddy to receive newsletters/blogs/promotional offers in your Inbox. You may also opt-out of our subscription list at any point of time on your sole discretion by clicking the unsubscribe option available in the email message.

SMS Alerts (Push Notification)

Allow us to send notification by clicking “Accept” button on the browser notification sent to you when you visit our website. This will help you to stay notified of our newsletters/blogs/flight discount coupons whenever they are available with us. However, we care about your user experience; if you have allowed us by mistake or just don’t want to get notified by our messages, you can disallow us by visiting your browser settings.

Fare Changes And Post Payment Price Guarantee

During the processing of your payment, if there is any change in airfare, you may be informed of this change. Depending on your will, accept or decline the transaction. Your card will be charged only if you accept the transaction.

Our Post Payment Price Guarantee:

Once you accept to pay the booking amount and the transaction completes successfully, myflightsbuddy will honor your request despite any fluctuation in the airfare.

Payment Acceptance Policy

myflightsbuddy honors credit and debit cards issued in the US, Canada and several other countries as listed in the billings section. We also accept AE/AP billing addresses. Note: The billing may happen in multiple transactions amounting to the final total fare. In case, the payment processing declines for any reason, we will notify you within 24 hours (longer than 24 hours for non-credit/debit card payment methods).

Airfares are highly dynamic in nature. If there is any fluctuation during the payment processing, we will notify you of the changed airfare, and proceed once you gives your consent to us. You have the choice to decline the payment.

Your data safety is our concern. Our payment gateway has been intelligently engineered to identify any fraud. Our credit card verification team conducts a thorough verification of your credit card before processing the booking amount transaction. In order to establish validity of such transactions, we may contact you or your bank.

Credit/Debit Card Payment Terms

myflightsbuddy operates ethically complying with the banks or financial institutions issuing the credit or debit card and the airlines involved. Here are the applicable terms and conditions for a successful payment and booking.

myflightsbuddy will process a payment and the corresponding booking when the card holder uses a payment card with a verifiable billing address.

We accept credit or debit card issued by all banks and institutions. Check your country name against the drop-down menu offered in the check-out page while processing for the payment.

All bookings and fares are not guaranteed until ticketed by the supplier.

When you present your credit or debit card for a purchase, we send an authorization request to your card issuer for the amount of your anticipated transaction (placing a temporary "hold" on the funds). If for some reasons, your booking is not confirmed, the amount will not be debited and we will request that such hold be released by your credit or debit card bank. However, funds subject to the hold will not be available to you for other purposes.

If your card is declined for any reason, myflightsbuddy will notify you within 72 hours. Submission of the card details to us does not guarantee the issuance of your ticket.

myflightsbuddy shall not be held accountable for any inconvenience or loss in the event your credit or debit card is not approved or charged.

The card or the payment stands disapproved or uncharged because of any one or a combination of multiple reasons including, but not limited to, airline could not confirm the booking, fare increased since payment information was submitted and prior to ticketing; or insufficient fund.

In case the fare goes up at the time of booking (from what you opted for), you will be provided with alternate options and you have the right to cancel the booking at no cost to you.

Once the booking is confirmed at the cost originally quoted to you the ticket becomes non-refundable and non-cancellable.

myflightsbuddy applies robust safety measures for payment processing. myflightsbuddy reports fraudulent transactions to airport security, airlines and other federal and state law enforcement.

You agree to be liable for any and all credit card payments and you agree not to dispute charges after the purchase has been made and your tickets and/or other products have been delivered by email confirmation or have been shipped to you. You agree to reimburse myflightsbuddy in cases of charge back or credit card disputes where you have genuinely purchased a service on our website.

myflightsbuddy keeps a record of the payment transactions and booking made over the phone for evidence. The recording of customer experience helps us to train our people and improve our services.

Online credit card transactions are authorized at the time a user or anyone acting on their behalf accepts these Terms & Conditions and continues with the purchase.

When certain transactions are determined to be high risk by our systems, we will not process such transactions unless our credit card verification team has determined that it's safe to process them. In order to establish validity of such transactions, we may contact you or your bank.

Seats, Meals, Frequent Flyer & Other Requests Seat Selection

The confirmation regarding seat selection will be made once the transaction completes. The availability of a selected seat might change during the process of flight booking. The seat you selected at the beginning might become unavailable at the time of transaction. The seat gets assigned to a customer who completes the purchase earlier.

If seats are unavailable on the displayed seat map, you can obtain a seat assignment upon check-in.

Airlines reserve the right to change your pre-seat assignment to accommodate a passenger (s) with disability. Bulkhead seats are subject to reassignment. We appreciate your cooperation in these unusual circumstances.

Airlines Schedule Changes/Flight Cancellations

Airlines exercise their own rules and policies regarding schedule changes or cancellations. Such schedule changes and fight cancellations are beyond the control of myflightsbuddy.

Key reasons resulting airline schedule changes or cancellations include.

myflightsbuddy does not assume any liability whatsoever for cancelled flights, flights that are missed, or flights not connecting due to any scheduled changes made by the airlines.

Our Policy on Schedule Changes

Committed to make your travel experience better than ever, we try to keep you informed of any schedule changes or cancellations, if any, regarding your flight. We inform

you via phone or email as soon as we receive the confirmation of the same from the airlines.

For all such changes within a 4 hour period, tickets will remain non-refundable. Certain ticket types may be non-refundable even when the schedule change is over 4 hours.

Prior to departure

We attempt to notify you of any changes within a 4 hour period of the original flight times. We communicate the same over email. We may also use other means like Phone or SMS. For all such changes within a 4 hour period, tickets will remain non-refundable. Certain ticket types may be non-refundable even when the schedule change is over 4 hours. For clarification regarding any refund, it is best to connect with the Airline.

Date of departure

If you have already arrived at the airport contact the customer service department of the airline. Airline services often get changed due to poor weather conditions. To avoid any inconvenience, collect the right information from the customer service department, airport website or trusted weather channels. On the date of departure, act swiftly to catch up with the updates.

Services Provided

In case of major change to the schedule departure of a flight, you may contact myflightsbuddy to seek alternative options to fly to your destination. We will contact the airline on your behalf to find a resolution that suits you. However, we can’t guarantee about it. There are many instances where cancellation and refund remain the only option.

Based on your requirement, we process your cancellation and refund request to the airline.

If a customer does not fulfill their obligation, they may miss their flight or lose the value of their reservation, and other options may not be available.

If a flight stands cancelled, myflightsbuddy will attempt to contact the airline, find other flight options and/or discuss refund options.

Flight Delays

By using the Site, you agree to irrevocably waive any claim against myflightsbuddy, its subsidiaries or affiliates, and any of such party's officers, directors, managers, agents, contractors, or employees, and expressly agree that neither myflightsbuddy nor any of its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, managers, agents, contractors or employees, shall be held liable for:

Your obligations

It’s your solemn responsibility to contact your airline to know the current departure timing. Re-confirm at least 24 hours prior to departure for domestic flights and 72 hours for flights to Hawaii and international destinations. You may also reach out to us to stay updated.

If you stay uninformed of the current status, you may: miss your flights, lose the value of your tickets and possibly have your travel postponed by 1 or 2 days or even a few weeks before the airline can accommodate you.

We care in extreme conditions

Understanding the unpredictability in life, myflightsbuddy extends its support to customers in extreme conditions. If you need to cancel the flight ticket on the exceptional humanitarian ground, or for reasons that are beyond your control, we will contact the airline on your behalf to conclude a favorable resolution. We will put our best effort towards the cancellation of the flight tickets and processing of the refund or waiver therein. However, we make no claim of warranty regarding the acceptance of such a request or successful processing of any related claim by the airline. The discretion on such a matter remains with the airline. myflightsbuddy shall not be held accountable for any loss incurred by you due to any delay caused or not-so-satisfactory decision delivered by the airline.

General Restrictions

In most of the cases of schedule changes, upgrades and standbys are not allowed. Upgrades/standby are guided by the terms of the airlines.

Discounted tickets do not accrue towards the frequent flyer mileage.

We forward your seat request to the airlines, but we do not guarantee regarding its confirmation. It’s a subject matter of the airlines in question. In addition, for special requirement such as "stretcher assistance" or "wheelchair", please contact the airline directly.

We reserve the right to cancel requests for travel to destinations that have been declared prohibited by the US Govt.

Customers departing from international destinations such as Mexico, Caribbean, the United Kingdom and Australia are liable to pay a departure tax to the local government at the boarding airport. You understand and agree that such taxes are not included in the ticket cost.

A $28 administrative fee will be charged for travel receipts requested for bookings that were made a year or more ago.

Itinerary Re-Confirmation

To avoid any discrepancy and inconvenience, it’s the responsibility of the customer to review and confirm the names, dates, flight numbers, airlines and routing including all airport changes at the time of booking (online/over the phone). Our customer service representative will be glad to help you in this regard. Review and save the itinerary for future reference.

If you notice any discrepancy in your booking, immediately contact us within 4 hours from the time the booking was completed

Hazardous Materials

As a responsible traveler, honor the US Federal law that forbids the carriage of hazardous materials aboard aircraft in your luggage or on your person. A violation may result in five years of imprisonment and penalties of $250,000 or more (49 U.S.C. 5124).

If you notice any discrepancy in your booking, immediately contact us within 4 hours from the time the booking was completed. The list of hazardous materials include explosives, compressed gases, flammable liquids and solids, oxidizers, poisons, corrosives and radioactive materials. Examples: Paints, lighter fluid, fireworks, tear gases, oxygen bottles, and radio-pharmaceuticals.

There are special exceptions for small quantities (up to 70 ounces total) of medicinal and toilet articles carried in your luggage and certain smoking materials carried on your person. To know more, contact your airline representative.

Multiple Airline Itineraries

If your flight travel is accomplished by multiple airlines, we recommend you to know the booking, departure, baggage, cancellation, refund, restrictions, or other terms of each airline’s carefully. You are responsible for complying with each airline's terms and conditions, which may differ (for example, check-in times and limits on baggage size/weight). Take a hardcopy of your outbound and return e-ticket confirmation prior to traveling. You might be asked for the return ticket at check-in.

Price Match Satisfaction

We value your money – that’s why we have included this policy in our terms. Though we offer a highly competitive airfare, we want you to feel confident about making your travel reservation with us.

Within 24 hours from the time of purchase if you find the same flight itinerary available on a major OTA (Online Travel Agency) competitor’s site at a price lower than what we offered, we will match that lower price by refunding the difference in price to you. Or if you prefer, we will cancel your booking with 100% refund. Read our Terms and Conditions to know more.

Price Match Satisfaction FAQs 1. What does “same flight itinerary” mean?
The same flight itinerary refers to each and every element of your flight reservation including airline(s), flight number(s), itinerary, date(s), seat type and number of passenger(s).

2.What is a “Major OTA Competitor”?
A Major OTA Competitor refers to the U.S. English-language websites like Cheapoair.com, Expedia.com, Orbitz.com, Priceline.com and Travelocity.com.

3.How do I invoke the Price Match Satisfaction?
It’s as simple as 1-2-3! Send an email at help@myflighsbuddy.com detailing your myflightsbuddy booking number and all the important details of the lower priced itinerary (airline(s), flight(s), itinerary, date(s), number of customers and seat type), along with documentation such as the exact URL or screen shots to help us validate your request.

Your documentation must help us to validate your claim. If the source or claim is unverifiable, we reserve the right to deny it. Once your claim is verified, you have the choice – either take the difference in price or cancel your booking with us for a full refund.

4.Is this Price Match Satisfaction restricted by some exceptions?
This Price Match Satisfaction policy doesn’t not apply to fares offered under membership program websites, corporate discounts or rates; group, charter, rewards program, incentive, meeting, convention, or consolidator fares; or discount fares not accessible to general public. Fares for military, student, government, tour operator, bulk, vacation package or "Web Only" are excluded too. This policy is also not applicable on “opaque” tickets (where the airline booking details are unknown until the purchase is confirmed) or tickets issued under a “bidding” or “auction” model. Fare errors are excluded too.

Our Fees and Exceptions

Cancellation (Economy/Premium Eco) One-Way/Round-Trip U.S. Domestic and International Fees ◊ $0 to $150
Online Air Transaction Service Fees Multi-City U.S. Domestic and International Fees ◊ $0 to $150
Ticket re-issuance (Economy/Premium Eco) All types U.S. Domestic and International Fees ◊ $100 to $300
Ticket re-issuance (Business/First) All types U.S. Domestic and International Fees ◊ $500
Cancellation (Economy/Premium Eco) All types U.S. Domestic and International Fees ◊ $100 to $300
Cancellation (Business/First) All types U.S. Domestic and International Fees ◊ $500
Refund All types U.S. Domestic and International Fees ◊ $100 to $300

Note: Service fees will be converted in your local currency on the payment page.

** Passenger types = Adult, child, senior, infant, student, military.

All transaction service fees are non-refundable and are subject to change without notice.

Government imposed taxes and fees are subject to change. You will only be charged the final total amount as shown.

General disclaimer

Though the content and information of the Site is vetted by our qualified editorial team, myflightsbuddy does not offer any guarantee regarding its accuracy. The website and services through the Site are available on an AS IS basis without any warranty of any kind whatsoever.

We do not provide any warranty regarding the services rendered by any of the travel supplier(s). Nor do we endorse their services. In any event of failures of such services, your sole remedy to obtain a refund shall be the defaulting supplier. myflightsbuddy shall not be held liable for any error, omission, injury, loss, accident, damage, delay, nonperformance, irregularity, or any consequence thereof, which may be occasioned through neglect, or default or any other act or inaction of any airline. Your sole option for seeking a refund is from the airline or insurance covering such defaults if any, or from other responsible third parties unless such loss was caused solely by myflightsbuddy. If a supplier fails to provide the committed service, you are authorized to seek a legal remedy as permitted by law or statute where the particular service provider is based.

myflightsbuddy shall not be liable for any fluctuation in price or change in schedule or equipment or accommodations for any travel service, which occurs subsequent to booking and payment for such service. myflightsbuddy shall not be liable for any cancellation, overbooking, delay, re-routing, strike, any weather occurrence or governmental occurrence as it affects your travel reservation made with us. myflightsbuddy shall not be liable for the depiction of travel products and services made available by any supplier of travel products and services, including but not limited to photographs, listed amenities, ratings, and discounts.

myflightsbuddy acts as a value-based service provider to retail travel agents and consumers. myflightsbuddy has no control over and assumes no liability for the actions of the suppliers from whom it obtains travel products or services.

myflightsbuddy shall not be held liable for final currency conversion or rates when paid after a travel reservation is made with us for international travel products and services. You agree and acknowledge that currency rates vary and any quoted price on the Site in local currency is a guideline, and not binding on us or the airline.

Once certain travel reservations are made and paid for they may be completely non-refundable or there may be a penalty involved in cancellation or seeking a refund from the supplier of travel products and services. Once tickets have been issued there may be a penalty involved for cancellations and refunds. We do not have control over printed prices on the tickets, although some tickets may have BT (bulk fare) printed on them, some may have a specific value on them, which may be different (lower or higher) than the fare collected.

Discounts offered may vary depending on a number of factors including airlines utilized, class of service, destination, time of year (low, mid or high season), advance notice provided, minimum stay requirements fulfilled and flight load.

myflightsbuddy does not guarantee, endorse and validate other advertiser's products and services that are advertised on our Site.

By booking with us a contract may be formed between you and an airline, and additional Terms & Conditions may apply to your booking and purchase of travel-related goods and services. Please read the additional Terms & Conditions provided by such airline carefully. You hereby agree to be bound by all the Terms & Conditions of purchase imposed by any Airline with whom you choose to contract, including, but not limited to, payment of all amounts when due and compliance with the airline's rules and restrictions regarding availability and use of fares, products, or services. Some airlines may require you to present a credit card or cash deposit upon check-in to cover additional expenses incurred during your stay or during the use of the reserved products or services. Such deposit is unrelated to any payment received by myflightsbuddy for your hotel, car or airline ticket booking. You understand that any violation of an airline's rules and restrictions may result in the cancellation of your reservation.

Visa and Entry Requirements

Customers must possess the requisite travel documents including, but not limited to, entry visa/transit visa or passport to travel. Your transaction with myflightsbuddy in no way grants your permission to enter or transit through a foreign territory. We hold no responsibility for determining passenger's eligibility to enter or transit through any specific country.

Contact the consulate/embassy of the country(s) where you are visiting or transiting through to know about the required documents. You may also find some vital information at www.travel.state.gov.


By using the Site, you agreed to irrevocably waive any claim against myflightsbuddy, its subsidiaries or affiliates, and any of such party’s officers, directors, manager, agents, contractors or employees, and expressly agree that neither myflightsbuddy nor any of its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, managers, agents, contractors or employees, shall be held liable for:

For avoidance of doubt (and without limiting the foregoing), myflightsbuddy does not assume any liability whatsoever for cancelled flights, flights that are missed or flights not connecting due to any scheduled changes made by the relevant airline.


You agree to indemnify myflightsbuddy, its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, employees, agents, licensors, consultants, suppliers, and any third-party Web site providers harmless from and against any claims, causes of action, demands, recoveries, losses, damages, fines, penalties or other costs or expenses of any kind or nature including but not limited to reasonable legal and accounting fees, brought by:

• you or on your behalf in excess of the liability described above provided that such limitation of liability is permitted by the law of your state of residence;

• by third parties as a result of your breach of these Terms & Conditions, notices or documents referenced on the Site; your violation of any law or the rights of a third party; or your use of the Site.

In addition, please check the terms and conditions of the respective airline booked by you. The terms and conditions of the respective airline booked by you apply to you.

Resolution of disputes

Please read this section carefully. It affects your rights and will have a substantial impact on how claims you and we may have against each other are resolved

myflightsbuddy is committed to customer satisfaction. If you have a problem or dispute with our services we will try to resolve your concerns. If we are unsuccessful in resolving your concerns you may pursue claims as explained below.

You agree to give us an opportunity to resolve any disputes or claims relating in any way to this website, any dealings with our booking agents, any services or products provided, any representations made by us or our Privacy Policy by contacting . If we are not able to resolve your concerns within 60 days you may seek relief through arbitration as set forth below.

You and we agree that we will resolve any dispute, claim or controversy arising out of or relating to your use of the Site, these Terms & Conditions, or the breach, termination, enforcement, interpretation or validity thereof, or our relationship in connection with the Site or previous versions of these Terms & Conditions (each, a “Claim”), in accordance with one of the subsections of this Resolution of Disputes section below or as otherwise mutually agreed by the parties in writing.

Governing law; submission of jurisdiction

These Terms & Conditions and the rights of the parties hereunder shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida, USA, exclusive of conflict or choice of law rules. You agree that unless otherwise mutually agreed by the parties in writing or as otherwise described in the Mandatory Arbitration provision below, any Claims shall be brought in a court located in Orange County, the State of Florida, USA. Unless otherwise prohibited by applicable law, any Claim must be brought within two (2) years from the date on which such Claim arose or occurred. The preceding sentence does not apply to New Jersey residents.

Mandatory arbitration

Any and all Claims will be resolved by binding arbitration initiated through the American Arbitration Association (AAA) except for claims asserted on an individual basis that are properly filed in a small claims court or other court of competent jurisdiction having a jurisdictional limit of U.S. $5,000 or less excluding costs, interests and attorneys’ fees. Arbitration is more informal than a lawsuit in court. Arbitration uses a neutral arbitrator instead of a judge or jury, and court review of an arbitration award is very limited. However, except as set forth below, an arbitrator can award the same damages and relief on an individual basis that a court can award to an individual. An arbitrator should apply the Terms & Conditions as a court would.

Arbitrations will be conducted by the American Arbitration Association (AAA) under its rules, including the AAA Consumer Rules. Payment of all filing, administration and arbitrator fees will be governed by the AAA rules. You may choose to have an arbitration conducted by telephone, based on written submissions or in person in the state where you live or at another mutually agreed location.

Notwithstanding the provision above with respect to applicable substantive law, any arbitration conducted pursuant to these Terms & Conditions shall be governed by the Federal Arbitration Act (9 U.S.C., Secs. 1-16). AAA and the parties must comply with the following rules: (a) the arbitration shall be conducted by a single arbitrator approved by or otherwise affiliated with AAA; except that if the total amount in controversy is more than US$100,000, the defendant may request a panel of three arbitrators; (b) the party initiating the arbitration shall choose the form in which they would like the arbitration to be conducted: via telephone, online, solely based on written submissions, or at an in-person hearing; (c) notwithstanding the foregoing, if either party requests an in-person hearing: (i) the arbitrator shall decide whether a hearing is necessary or whether the arbitration should proceed via telephone, online or solely based on written submissions, (ii) if the arbitrator deems that a hearing is necessary, the hearing shall occur at a mutually agreed upon location, or, if the parties are unable to agree on a location, at a location that is selected by the arbitrator and is reasonably convenient to all parties, and (iii) either party may elect to participate in an in-person hearing by phone, unless the arbitrator decides otherwise; (d) the arbitrator may not award any: (i) incidental, indirect or consequential damages, including damages for lost profits, or (ii) punitive or exemplary damages, except where permitted by statute, and the parties waive any right to recover any such damages described in subparagraphs (d)(i) and (d)(ii); (e) the arbitrator may award injunctive or declaratory relief only in favor of the individual party seeking relief and only to the extent necessary to provide relief warranted by that party's individual claim; and (f) unless otherwise mutually agreed by the partiesin writing, the arbitrator may not consolidate more than one person's claims, and may not otherwise preside over any form of a representative or class proceeding.

The arbitrator may not decide issues relating to arbitrability and the scope or enforceability of this Mandatory Arbitration provision, which shall be only for a court of competent jurisdiction to decide. Judgment on the award issued by the arbitrator may be entered in any court having jurisdiction. This Mandatory Arbitration provision shall not preclude parties from seeking provisional remedies in aid of arbitration from a court of appropriate jurisdiction.


Improperly filed claims

All claims you bring against us must be resolved in accordance with this Resolution of Disputes section. All claims filed or brought that are not in accordance with to this section shall beconsidered improperly filed. Should a claim be filed by either you or us in manner that is not in accordance with this section, the other party may seek to recover attorneys' fees and costs up to US$5,000, provided that the other party has been notified in writing of the improperly filed claim, received fourteen days to withdraw such claim, and fails to do so.

Prohibited activities

You agree that the travel services reservations facilities of the Site shall be used only to make legitimate reservations or purchases by you or other person whom you authorize to act on your behalf. You understand that overuse or abuse of the travel services reservation facilities of the Site may result in you being denied access to such facilities. Here is what we expect you not to do.

You may not use this Site for any commercial purpose. You agree you will not access, monitor or copy any content or information of this Site using any robot, spider, scraper or other automated means or any manual process for any purpose without our written permission.

You agree that you will not violate the restrictions in any robot exclusion headers on this Site, or bypass or circumvent other measures employed to prevent or limit access to this Site.

You agree you will not you modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, license, create derivative works from, transfer, or sell or re-sell any information, content, graphics, software, products, or services obtained from or through this Site or call center.

You agree you will not use a frame or border environment around the Site, or other framing technique to enclose any portion or aspect of the Site, or mirror or replicate any portion of the Site, and that you will not sell, offer for sale, transfer, or license any portion of the Site in any form to any third parties.

You agree you will not use any device, software, or routine that interferes, or attempts to interfere, with the normal operation of our Site, or take any action that impose an unreasonable loading on our equipment.

You will not disguise the origin of the information you transmit through the Site, whether to navigate the Site, make a travel reservation or booking, or post any content. You must not misuse the Site by knowingly introducing viruses, Trojans, worms, logic bombs or other material which is malicious, offensive, defamatory or technologically harmful. You must not attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Site, the server on which the Site is stored or any server, computer or database connected to the Site. You must not attack the Site via a denial-of-service attack or a distributed denial-of service attack.

We will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by a distributed denial-of-service attack, viruses or other technologically harmful material that may infect your computer equipment, computer programs, data or other proprietary material due to your use of the Site or to your downloading of any material posted on it, or on any website linked to it.

We reserve the right to cancel your myflightsbuddy account and terminate your use of the Site if you violate any of the above prohibitions.

Copyright and trademark notices

The content on this Website are copyrighted. All visible and hidden materials on this website including, without limitation, all logos, designs, text, graphics, pictures, information, data, software, sound files, other files and the selection and arrangement thereof (collectively, “Content”) are the proprietary property of myflightsbuddy, LLC and are either registered trademarks or trademarks of myflightsbuddy, LLC in the U.S.A. and/or other countries. Other logos and product and company names mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners. myflightsbuddy is not responsible for content on websites operated by parties other than myflightsbuddy, LLC.

3rd Party Links

This Site has links to 3rd party travel suppliers, travel-related sites, websites of government authorities or other relevant sites to help you collect more information, or access services or information you deem suitable to you. However, we do not endorse their products, services of information.

You understand and agree that their terms and conditions and privacy practices may be different from myflightsbuddy. We recommend you to read such terms and practices before dealing with such digital entities. myflightsbuddy shall not be responsible for any damage or loss, irrespective of its nature, incurred to you on account of using their websites or products/services.

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