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Myflightsbuddy.com is a flight booking engine built to ease travel arrangements. We help travelers to find competitive airfares for their domestic and international travels and confirm their airline reservations at the lowest price. Myflightsbuddy.com is owned and operated by myflightsbuddy, a company registered under the US Corporation Act.

We have made the flight reservation transparent. The Reservation Information section contains information on rules and fees for seat selection, baggage fee, service fee, cancellation and refund, unaccompanied minors and traveling with infants. We have also tried to answer frequently asked questions (FAQs).

The idea of a family holiday, romantic vacation, or any travel that involves visiting a new place evokes happiness and curiosity. Besides, there could be hidden fears about adapting to the new culture, finding safe places to stay, and much more. Our Travel Guide section aims to be your virtual companion on the go.

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